Porta Plus 2 Web Services

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The following routes are available for this service:

To override the Content-type in your clients HTTP Accept Header, append the .jsv suffix or ?format=jsv


The following are sample HTTP requests and responses. The placeholders shown need to be replaced with actual values.

POST /jsv/reply/LocalNumber HTTP/1.1 
Host: api-uk.activesoftswitch.com 
Content-Type: text/jsv
Content-Length: length

	CLI: String,
	i_customer_site: 0,
	IEnv: 0,
	CountryCode: 0,
	AreaCode: 0,
	CLICountryCode: 0,
	ICustomer: 0,
	GetAllNumbers: False,
	IAccount: 0,
	getGlobalDRStatus: False,
	i_products: String,
	License: String,
	ContentId: 0,
	FeatureName: String
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/jsv
Content-Length: length

	AvailableAccessNumber: String,
			AccessNumber: String,
			CLI: String,
			IEnv: 0,
			CountryCode: 0,
			AreaCode: 0,
			Destination: String,
			IAccount: 0,
			Name: String,
			TenantId: 0,
			Id: 0,
			CreatedOn: 0001-01-01,
			UpdatedOn: 0001-01-01,
			RowVersion: 0
		Id: String,
		AccountId: String,
		IAccount: 0,
		ICustomer: 0,
		redirect_number: String,
		DestinationName: String,
		active: String,
		account_dr_active: String,
		BillingModel: ReChargeVoucher,
		ISO4217: String,
		Balance: 0,
		Blockedfield: String,
		Blocked: False,
		UMEnabledfield: String,
		UMEnabled: False,
		IParent: 0,
		UILogin: String,
		UIPassword: String,
		VoipPassword: String,
		CreditLimit: 0,
		IProduct: 0,
		BatchNamePrefix: String,
		IBatch: 0,
		IRoutingPlan: 0,
		IEnv: 0,
		Email: String,
		BCC: String,
		Phone1: String,
		Phone2: String,
		Contact1: String,
		Contact2: String,
		Address: String,
		CompanyName: String,
		BillStatus: String,
		FollowMeEnabled: String,
		ServiceFlags: String,
		IVDPlan: 0,
		Note: String,
		Company: String,
		Name: String,
		FirstName: String,
		MiddleInitials: String,
		LastName: String,
		Address1: String,
		Address2: String,
		Address3: String,
		Address4: String,
		Town: String,
		Region: String,
		City: String,
		Postcode: String,
		Country: String,
		PhoneNo: String,
		Salutation: String,
		Fax: String,
		State: String,
		DeactiveDestinations: String,
		SubscriberFName: String,
		SubscriberLName: String,
		ExtensionNumber: String,
		ActivationDate: 0001-01-01,
		ICustomerSite: 0,
		DefaultValidIdentity: String,
		customUrl: String,
		currentProfileImage: String,
		VoiceDialing: False,
		TranslateIncomingCLI: False,
		activationDate: String,
		activationDateDateTime: 0001-01-01,
		lastUsage: 0001-01-01,
		firstUsageTime: 0001-01-01,
		issueDate: 0001-01-01,
		inactivityExpireTime: 0
	License: String,
	ContentId: 0,
	FeatureName: String